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  1. Wig Wam

    Wig Wam Salon and Boutique

    We recently had the opportunity to chat with Myrna, Assistant Manager of Wig Wam Salon Boutique in Belleview, Florida and she shared her secrets for running a successful salon. The salon has been in operation since the late 1980s. Ed and Joye Peterson have owned the shop for the last ten years.

    She and owner, Ed Peterson both transitioned from hair stylists into the wig business. And, Myrna says that background definitely paid off.

    “It’s all about being sweet to your clients and staying humble and patient.”

    Myrna understands that being a first-time wig salon customer can be intimidating. So she makes a point of helping her clients feel comfortable.

    “You have to educate people about wigs,” she says, “So that means you need to learn everything you can and keep up to date with the latest styles.”

    According to Myrna, if she does her job well, then becoming a wig owner is a life-changing and confidence-building experience. And, that’s service she’s proud to be able to provide.

    Wig Wam Salon and Boutique, we salute your dedication.

    To learn more about Wig Wam Salon and Boutique:

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  2. Wigs Amor

    IMG_0509Kara Lee knows about loyalty. In fact, that’s what she credits as the primary reason for the longevity of her business. Kara started Wigs Amor 40 years ago. Today she has two locations in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

    “Long-term customers are the key to my success,” says Kara.

    Over the years, Kara dedicated herself to providing her clients with excellent customer service. She describes it as being truly committed to helping women address their hair loss issues and fulfill their fashion desires. Her hard work has paid off. In addition to expanding from one to two salons, Kara now has more than 1,000 repeat customers and a bounty of word-of-mouth brand equity, things she considers to be the most valuable assets for her business.

    “I took care of my clients and during the recession, they lifted me up. Some of them came and brought wigs during that time just to be supportive,” she says. Now that’s loyalty.

    How did she build such a devoted client base? It’s simple, she says.

    “Be honest. Be nice to your customers. And never be discouraged.”


  3. Big Bang Theory

    Bangs Are Big This Season

    Style watchers have been spotting a variety of bangs on the runways of Fashion Week 2017. From straight and sleek, or wispy curls to feathery and messy, finding unique variations on this classic cut will be a recurring theme for this Spring and Summer.


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  4. Brandi’s

    Brandis-Pix“Learn from your customers. Know your products well. And find out what you believe in.”

    Those are the sage words of advice from Brandi Connor, who has successfully been operating the wig shop that bears her name since 1982.

    Brandi, who started out as a hairdresser, said she always used to carry a few wigs in her salon. But as time went on, she found working with the wigs more and more intriguing.

    Today her boutique, located in Orange Park, Florida, caters to a broad spectrum of clients and is devoted exclusively to wigs and hairpieces.

    Like many other salons, Brandi says her biggest challenge is getting people to understand that wigs and hairpieces have changed a lot. But the education obstacles are worth the reward, she says.

    “Being able to see a lady come in stressed or sad and then leave with a proud smile on her face make it all worth it.”

    She credits her success with learning go at it slow and taking the time to getting to know what the customers in her market want and need.

    Brava, Brandi. Brava.

  5. Trendspotting

    The weather outside might be frightful, but the award season and the hairstyles promise to be oh so delightful. The Golden Globe Awards give us our first glimpse at the star styles fans are sure to follow this year. Here’s our top five style trends to watch for on the red carpet this year…

    Glam Waves


    Caption: Emily Ratajkowski’s hair looks like a long bob with a wave, but in reality this glam-wave effect was created by pinning up part of her tresses.

    Photo Credit:

    Glam waves are the hottest trend so far and its popularity shows no signs of winding down during this award season. Watch how stars and stylists use them to add interest and pop to classic bobs!

    Gorgeous Updos


    Caption: Lilly Collins tops off her look with an updo constructed of braids and curls.

    Photo Credit:

    Gorgeous Updos never go out of style but this year they will be tighter and more polished that those we’ve seen at previous award seasons.

    Volume, Volume


    Caption: Kristen Bell poofs her classic bob for a glam look.

    Photo Credit:

    The stars are pumping up the volume this season. That means there’s a lot of hair to go around. It’s the height of sophistication.

    Deep Waves

    finger wave

    Caption: Ruth Nega is a stunning show-stopper in a classic short finger wave style.

    Photo Credit:

    Whether it is a highly stylized bob or a starlet channeling Veronica Lake – nothing says glamor like a sleek, deep wave. The vintage style is most definitely back. Look for it combined with long-rooted colors and bayalage blends for a distinctly contemporary take.

    Natural Tresses with a bit of Glam


    Caption: Mandy Moore keeps it simple and lets her natural beauty shine through.

    Photo Credit:

    Celebrities tend to follow the latest looks from the fashion runways, and that means you are sure to spy fresh faces paired with more relaxed hairstyles. Make no mistake – those looks will be polished and might have a little bit of shimmer and sparkle sprinkled on top.

    Mark These Award Dates In Your Calendar and See The Stars Strut Their Styles!

    • SAG (Screen Actors Guild) – January 29, 2017
    • BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) – February 12, 2017
    • Independent Spirit Awards – February 25, 2017
    • Academy Awards (Oscars) – February 26, 2017
  6. Hana Design

    hanaHana is a veteran; she started her salon in 1983. Today Denver-based Hana Designs is three enterprises in one, a wig boutique, an Aveda spa and a non-profit foundation called Hana’s Hope. But this successful venture that bears her name wasn’t part of Hana’s original intention.

    “It was divine intervention that led me here,” she says.

    The journey began in 1978 when she was a distributor of hair extensions. A local children’s hospital reached out and asked if she could help a nine-year-old girl suffering from cancer.

    Hana fashioned a wig, especially for the young patient. When the girl died, Hana was crushed. She resisted additional requests to help at first, thinking that she just couldn’t handle the emotional stress. But she recognized the need and ultimately decided that she could be the one to help.

    Then another devastating blow. Hana, herself, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

    “I personally went through what my clients go through, but I went through it with no means,” she says.

    “That’s why I created Hana’s Hope. It was an opportunity for me to give back.”

    She started taking wig donations, and today Hana’s Hope provides people suffering from hair loss for any number of medical conditions with access to wigs and hair options to help them regain the confidence necessary to begin the emotional healing that’s needed to help overcome illness.

    Hana’s call to help people heal didn’t stop there. She opened her Aveda Spa because she wanted to also provide her customers with holistic, non-toxic skin and hair care options.

    “I believe my business thrives because I am passionate about what I do,” says Hana. And, she has some advice to other entrepreneurs too.

    “Be honest. Don’t pretend. And, do everything you possibly can to serve your customers. Put your heart and mind into it.”

    See more of Hana’s story here:

  7. 5 New Year Resolutions

    Yes, it is that time of year. Time for eggnog, holiday cookies, shopping and, of course, New Year’s resolutions. Never mind the latest fad diet or promising to make it every day to the gym. We’ve got five simple resolutions that’ll be good for you and your business.

    Get Real. The transition from one year to the next is an excellent time for a reality check. Take a good hard look at all aspects of your business, from the stockroom to the books. Pat yourself on the back for all things that are working but be honest about those that could use improvement. Check in too and discover which parts of the business brought you the most joy and fulfillment and which aspects caused you the most stress. Resolve to ditch or delegate the stress as much as you can in 2017.

    Get A Plan. Now that you’ve done your audit, make a plan for 2017. Do it now and write it down. Be as specific as you can about each thing you’d like to accomplish and give yourself a reasonable timeframe in which to achieve it. Will it require a capital investment? You will want to plan for that too. Don’t forget to include marketing efforts in your planning. Be prepared for each shopping season with promotions you’d like to accomplish well in advance.

    Get An Education. In the Information Age, learning never stops. Think you’ve mastered the latest software or that you know how to achieve all the trendiest hairstyles? Think again. Ponder for a bit and you are sure to find there is some aspect of your business that could benefit from innovation or information. The great thing about education is that once you learn it, you own it forever. Whatever you educate yourself about can only enhance both you and your business.

    Get Techie With It. Is your business ‘mobile-first’? Do you have a customer database? Did we mention this was the Information Age? Now more than ever there are technological advances that can help you reach customers and organize your business more efficiently. Making sure your business has a great mobile impression is a great place to start. Cell phones are often the first point of contact for new customers. Next, tackle a database for all of your clients and prospects. Add suppliers and potential promotional partners to your database too.

    Get Gussied Up. Check yourself and your salon in the mirror. Perhaps, it’s time for a make-over. When it gets busy, it is hard to think of yourself, but you need to look and feel your best too. Scope out the store too. Never underestimate the power of a new shade of lip gloss or a fresh coat of paint on the wall to brighten things up. Ensure you look as good as you want your customers to feel, and you’ll be on the right track for success.

    Make it a beautiful year!

  8. Arizona Wig Boutique

    You could say that wigs are a part of Kimberly Waters bloodline. That’s because her family has been in the hair industry for 50 years.

    “This truly is a family business,” says Kimberly.

    She followed in her parent’s footsteps and today, her salon Arizona Wig Boutique, located in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, is known for outstanding customer service. Just check out Yelp, and you’ll find dozens of glowing
    “I’ve been very fortunate. We pride ourselves on taking good care of our customers.”
    According to Kimberly, it is that personalized attention that keeps her ahead of the competition and her customers coming back time and again.
    But, Kimberly says she couldn’t have done it alone. She counts her staff among her many blessings, especially her manager, Diana Nielsen. She says they truly are a team dedicated to helping women of all ages and backgrounds.

    “When you see a woman have a total transformation and know you’ve been a part of that, it’s all worth it. That’s the greatest reward.”

    Even though wigs are rooted in her past, Kimberly has an eye toward the future. She notes that wigs have come a long way from the days when her parents ran the business.

    “I would tell any potential customer that these are not your grandmother’s wigs. There are so many great options to choose from,” she says.

    Learn more about Arizona Wig Boutique at

  9. Holiday Stand-out

    Get Noticed This Holiday Season with These Stand-Out Ideas

    1. Send out printed holiday cards to your customers. In this age of email and internet, traditional greetings cards will get noticed. And, Thanksgiving and News Years cards have an even better chance of making a lasting impression. And, it’s not too late to order them at all. Check out sites like for quick-turnaround, customized cards.

    2. Create an in-store Advent Calendar that includes a gift with purchase for each day. Use email, social media, and mobile marketing to encourage shoppers to stop by the store and see the reveals.

    3. Hold a holiday open house as early in the season as possible or between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. Make it relaxed and inviting. Be sure your displays showcase ways that women can look on-trend for the holidays.

    4. Connect with a local charity for a cross-promotion. Make your salon a stop-off point for Toys For Tots, a local hospital, shelter or food bank. Offer customers a reward for coming in with a donation. Giving back is always in fashion, and it makes us feel good.

    5. Host a mini-spa day for weary customers. Your event could be as simple as offering chair massages and mock-cocktails to relieve a little bit of seasonal stress for shoppers.

    6. Create service-oriented gift cards and discounts. Consider ways that you can provide in-person, personalized services and play up those assets. It could be a free wig ‘refresh’ or custom styling session combined with a style consultation with a local wardrobe expert.

    7. Everybody loves a holiday BOGO (Buy One Get One Free). What products can you combine to make a visit to your location value-added? BOGO offers delivered via mobile marketing can be especially enticing during the holidays.

    8. Dress for success! Be sure to decorate your front windows. Don’t forget to stock up on accessories that can make great last minute gifts. Make sure those products are front and center.

    9. Say it with food. Food is a simple but effective lure, and it is always a crowd pleaser. But don’t just offer refreshments. Consider ways that you can take it to the next level. Can you partner with a local culinary school to give out samples and holiday party appetizer ideas? Is there a bakery nearby that needs help promoting pastries? Come up with some unusual and delicious ideas to win over hearts and stomachs.

    10. Get blogged. Find local bloggers and get on their holiday gift lists. Hairpieces and accessories are particularly good candidates for them to consider. You may need to dish out a few free goods to get them to write about your salon but the publicity you will get in exchange will be well worth it.

    11. Create a Giving Tree in your salon. Place a nicely decorated tabletop tree within customer reach. It doesn’t have to be a traditional christmas tree. It could easily be a beautifully arranged collection of branches. Place ornaments that each represent a community need on the tree (An example might be ornaments which represent a woman who is undergoing cancer treatment at a local hospital and who needs a wig sponsor). Allow customers to sponsor a need by buying an ornament from the tree.

  10. Lemonade Locks

    When Life Gives You Lemons, Open A Wig Boutique!

    kelly-giblin-photo“My goal is to help people see that wigs are a great fashion accessory for every outfit,” says, Kelly Giblin, owner of Lemonade Locks Wigs & Hairpieces in Bakersfield, California.

    Kelly knows first-hand just how empowering wigs and hairpieces can be. After being diagnosed with alopecia and experiencing hair loss herself, she embarked on a personal journey to find solutions.

    “I had terrible experiences trying to find wigs,” she says. That’s what ultimately led her to start selling wigs as a side business on evenings and weekends from her home. “Once I found what worked for me and discovered how empowering they could be, I wanted to help other women who were going through the same thing.”

    When the San Joaquin Community Hospital reached out to Kelly and offered an opportunity to open a wig shop inside their new AIS Cancer Center, Kelly retired from her full-time job as a law administrator and Lemonade Locks was born. The adage, “When life gives you lemons…” was the inspiration for the boutique’s name.

    Always striving to offer her clients the best possible experiences, Kelly participated in the Aderans Educational Seminar in Los Angeles last year.

    “They really let us have some hands-on training and taught me some things I didn’t know.”

    Today Kelly’s business has evolved into a full-service boutique offering not just wigs but also private consultations, custom fittings, and styling. Kelly also offers in-home wig parties.

    According to Kelly, nothing’s more rewarding than helping to put a patient’s mind at ease.

    “I love it when customers fall in love with their wigs and want to wear them home.” says Kelly.

    A toast (of lemonade, of course) to you, Kelly. We salute your mission to help women feel confident and beautiful.