Wigs Amor

Kara Lee knows about loyalty. In fact, that’s what she credits as the primary reason for the longevity of her business. Kara started Wigs Amor 40 years ago. Today she has two locations in the Phoenix, Arizona area. She’s well known in the wig industry, to say the least!

“Long-term customers are the key to my success,” says Kara.

Over the years, Kara dedicated herself to providing her clients with excellent customer service. She describes it as being truly committed to helping women address their hair loss issues and fulfill their fashion desires. Her hard work has paid off. In addition to expanding from one to two salons, Kara now has more than 1,000 repeat customers and a bounty of word-of-mouth brand equity, things she considers to be the most valuable assets for her business.

“I took care of my clients and during the recession, they lifted me up. Some of them came and brought wigs during that time just to be supportive,” she says. Now that’s loyalty.

How did she build such a devoted client base? It’s simple, she says.

“Be honest. Be nice to your customers. And never be discouraged.”

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