Wig Wam

Wig Wam Salon and Boutique:

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Myrna, Assistant Manager of Wig Wam Salon Boutique in Belleview, Florida and she shared her secrets for running a successful salon. The salon has been in operation since the late 1980s. Ed and Joye Peterson have owned the shop for the last ten years.

She and owner, Ed Peterson both transitioned from hair stylists into the wig business. And, Myrna says that background definitely paid off.

“It’s all about being sweet to your clients and staying humble and patient.”

Myrna understands that being a first-time wig salon customer can be intimidating. So she makes a point of helping her clients feel comfortable.

“You have to educate people about wigs,” she says, “So that means you need to learn everything you can and keep up to date with the latest styles.”

According to Myrna, if she does her job well, then becoming a wig owner is a life-changing and confidence-building experience. And, that’s service she’s proud to be able to provide.

Wig Wam Salon and Boutique, we salute your dedication.

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