Are you Anti-Social?

Here’s why Every Salon Needs Social Media + Three Ways to Make it Easier

42% of all adults in the US use social media
Word Of Mouth is the most trusted form of advertising and promotion. More than 90% of consumers depend on these peer-to-peer recommendations.
The second most trusted source for information about products is online reviews. More than 70% of all American consumers are watching and listening.

With statistics like these, it is no wonder that 82% of all small business depend on others to help spread the word about their products and services. And, there are no other media better suited for that task, than social platforms.

Great social media relationships are not built overnight, and it can be challenging to find the time to focus on social media and build a loyal following. But planting the social seeds will ultimately help you put down solid roots for your business. Here’s some tips for getting increasing your social quotient:

Pick two social media platforms and focus on those.
Our recommendation for harried shop owners: Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook – Nowadays having a Facebook Page is almost as important as a company website. It is the best platform for getting in front of and staying top of mind with your customers.
Instagram – Posting images to this social media platform requires little more than a cell phone and is a fantastic, quick way to engage with your clients and see what they’re up to as well.

Make a Plan
Avoid the “What am I going to post today” panic by having a weekly plan. Start small with a scheme to post just a few times each week and design your posts around the seasons or the retailer calendar. Taking a day to create posts in advance based on your schedule will help make social media part of your routine. You can build up from there.

Share and Share Alike
Sharing content created by others not only helps ease the pressure on you to create original posts but increases fan engagement with your page as well. Clients like to know that you are a part of the community and not just pushing products at them. Sharing shows them you’re engaged and they are likely to respond in kind.

Social Media Marketing takes patience, but the effort can help build your reputation as an expert in the industry, which in turn can bolster your business. Happy posting.