Mimi’s Wig Boutique

When Kim Reed’s mother, Mimi Vincent, started her namesake boutique in 1979, Kim was just 14-years old. Then, as an adult, she went into a different line of work. But the family wig salon business has a way of growing on you, and after 25 years as a healthcare professional, Kim and her husband took over the salon that Mimi started.

Kim tells us that when her mom started her Mimi’s Wig Boutique in Dallas, Texas, she dedicated herself to making purchasing a wig a pleasurable and educational experience. Outstanding customer service was a key part of Mimi’s vision, and Kim works hard every day maintain that legacy.

“It’s rewarding to help someone who has been devastated by hair loss feel confident again,” says Kim. “It’s so fulfilling.”

Today Mimi’s services a broad range of customers, from people suffering hair loss due to medical conditions to clients who enjoy wigs as fashion. One of the ways that Mimi’s stands out is by maintaining a comprehensive inventory.

“When someone comes in and tries on a wig, they want to be able to leave with it.” While they can’t always guarantee that, Kim and her staff try to provide that immediate gratification for most of their customers.

Social Media also plays an important role. In addition to posting regularly on Facebook, Mimi’s Wig Boutique recently launched its own YouTube Channel.

“Sometimes people pop in to see a wig we’ve posted about in person,” says Kim. “It creates excitement.”

But Kim’s most critical ingredient for success is compassion for her customers. “You have to know your customers, and you have to care.” If you have that, she says, everything else will fall into place. We couldn’t agree more.

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