5 New Year Resolutions

Yes, it is that time of year. Time for eggnog, holiday cookies, shopping and, of course, New Year’s resolutions. Never mind the latest fad diet or promising to make it every day to the gym. We’ve got five simple resolutions that’ll be good for you and your business.

Get Real. The transition from one year to the next is an excellent time for a reality check. Take a good hard look at all aspects of your business, from the stockroom to the books. Pat yourself on the back for all things that are working but be honest about those that could use improvement. Check in too and discover which parts of the business brought you the most joy and fulfillment and which aspects caused you the most stress. Resolve to ditch or delegate the stress as much as you can in 2017.

Get A Plan. Now that you’ve done your audit, make a plan for 2017. Do it now and write it down. Be as specific as you can about each thing you’d like to accomplish and give yourself a reasonable timeframe in which to achieve it. Will it require a capital investment? You will want to plan for that too. Don’t forget to include marketing efforts in your planning. Be prepared for each shopping season with promotions you’d like to accomplish well in advance.

Get An Education. In the Information Age, learning never stops. Think you’ve mastered the latest software or that you know how to achieve all the trendiest hairstyles? Think again. Ponder for a bit and you are sure to find there is some aspect of your business that could benefit from innovation or information. The great thing about education is that once you learn it, you own it forever. Whatever you educate yourself about can only enhance both you and your business.

Get Techie With It. Is your business ‘mobile-first’? Do you have a customer database? Did we mention this was the Information Age? Now more than ever there are technological advances that can help you reach customers and organize your business more efficiently. Making sure your business has a great mobile impression is a great place to start. Cell phones are often the first point of contact for new customers. Next, tackle a database for all of your clients and prospects. Add suppliers and potential promotional partners to your database too.

Get Gussied Up. Check yourself and your salon in the mirror. Perhaps, it’s time for a make-over. When it gets busy, it is hard to think of yourself, but you need to look and feel your best too. Scope out the store too. Never underestimate the power of a new shade of lip gloss or a fresh coat of paint on the wall to brighten things up. Ensure you look as good as you want your customers to feel, and you’ll be on the right track for success.

Make it a beautiful year!