Retailer Spotlight

The Picture of Great Style: Meet Dani Hernandez-Salas

Daniela Hernandez-Salas’ first love wasn’t wigs. It was photography. Her father ran a photography studio, and as a child, Dani was a shutterbug. Her mother ran the other family business, a wig salon that was right next door.

“I was in fourth grade, and I was already learning how to take pictures,” Dani says. But when her mother needed help with the salon, she exchanged her camera for a comb. Now wigs are her passion.

“I tried on my first wig and fell in love with them.”

Once Dani realized just how much wigs and hairpieces can have a powerful and positive effect on a woman’s self-esteem, she started volunteering with Look Good… Feel Better, a program created by the American Cancer Society.

“We help women dealing with hair loss and skin changes from chemotherapy to wear wigs and maintain their wigs in free workshops held monthly,” says Dani.

“When you see a woman who needs to regain her self-confidence put a wig on, and you see the transformation and the happiness… That’s what really made me decide that I was going to stay in the wig store business.”

Dani has taken her passion a step further. She has been an instructor for Aderans Educational Seminars for the last three years.
“I attended a workshop about ten years ago. I learned how I could grow my business and increase sales by extending my services. I walked away from that seminar and knew I wanted to educate for them (Aderans) one day.’”

It’s been 48 years since Dani’s parents started their Texas-based wig salon and today, the business, Wig Trend Salons (FB TEXAS BIGWIGS), is still going strong. Dani says she has customers that have been in her chair for more than 20 years, and she remains dedicated and enthusiastic about helping women feel confident and look stylish.