Holiday Stand-out

Get Noticed This Holiday Season with These Stand-Out Ideas

1. Send out printed holiday cards to your customers. In this age of email and internet, traditional greetings cards will get noticed. And, Thanksgiving and News Years cards have an even better chance of making a lasting impression. And, it’s not too late to order them at all. Check out sites like for quick-turnaround, customized cards.

2. Create an in-store Advent Calendar that includes a gift with purchase for each day. Use email, social media, and mobile marketing to encourage shoppers to stop by the store and see the reveals.

3. Hold a holiday open house as early in the season as possible or between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. Make it relaxed and inviting. Be sure your displays showcase ways that women can look on-trend for the holidays.

4. Connect with a local charity for a cross-promotion. Make your salon a stop-off point for Toys For Tots, a local hospital, shelter or food bank. Offer customers a reward for coming in with a donation. Giving back is always in fashion, and it makes us feel good.

5. Host a mini-spa day for weary customers. Your event could be as simple as offering chair massages and mock-cocktails to relieve a little bit of seasonal stress for shoppers.

6. Create service-oriented gift cards and discounts. Consider ways that you can provide in-person, personalized services and play up those assets. It could be a free wig ‘refresh’ or custom styling session combined with a style consultation with a local wardrobe expert.

7. Everybody loves a holiday BOGO (Buy One Get One Free). What products can you combine to make a visit to your location value-added? BOGO offers delivered via mobile marketing can be especially enticing during the holidays.

8. Dress for success! Be sure to decorate your front windows. Don’t forget to stock up on accessories that can make great last minute gifts. Make sure those products are front and center.

9. Say it with food. Food is a simple but effective lure, and it is always a crowd pleaser. But don’t just offer refreshments. Consider ways that you can take it to the next level. Can you partner with a local culinary school to give out samples and holiday party appetizer ideas? Is there a bakery nearby that needs help promoting pastries? Come up with some unusual and delicious ideas to win over hearts and stomachs.

10. Get blogged. Find local bloggers and get on their holiday gift lists. Hairpieces and accessories are particularly good candidates for them to consider. You may need to dish out a few free goods to get them to write about your salon but the publicity you will get in exchange will be well worth it.

11. Create a Giving Tree in your salon. Place a nicely decorated tabletop tree within customer reach. It doesn’t have to be a traditional Christmas tree. It could easily be a beautifully arranged collection of branches. Place ornaments that each represent a community need on the tree (An example might be ornaments which represent a woman who is undergoing cancer treatment at a local hospital and who needs a wig sponsor). Allow customers to sponsor a need by buying an ornament from the tree.