Be Smooth!

Use This Innovative Wig Cap Method to Ditch the Bump!

wig-cap1 1 ) Use a hair net with double opening. Lift the hair net over the head and hair so it snugly fits around the face. The thick side of the net should be around the face.


wig-cap2  2) Stretch out the hair net and secure with bobby pins. Untuck ears and tuck away any stray hairs.


wig-cap3  3) Stretch the net out and up allowing the hair to lay flat inside the net.


wig-cap4 4) Turning your wrists slightly outward, stretch out the net and fold forward onto the head.


wig-cap-5  5) Use your fingers to mold the hair into an evenly distributed “pancake”. Once the hair is distributed around the head and laying flat, then secure the net with pins.


wrong  Make sure there are no bumps that can distort the shape of the wig.


wigonwig-done  Place the wig on — Voila!